We end 2023 with our path being set for the first three months of 2024. We put our hand in the Homebrew Jar of Destiny and pull out a couple of beer styles at random. Even though we have conquered 16 styles already, the jar still has many to choose from. Here’s the video of us getting handed our 9th picks from the Jar of Destiny!

What Did We Pick This Time?

Our Picks

All right – let’s cut to it. Here is what we have selected to brew by March 2024.

John’s Pick: 9B. Eisbock

Hoo boy. I knew that eventually I would get a complex style. Not only do I have to brew a big German bock lager but also pull off some freeze distilling to get the style right. Whenever you are reading this post, know that I should have started working on this beer yesterday.

Mike’s Pick: 3D. Czech Dark Lager

He was happy with his pick but I think it’s because he was relieved that he didn’t get a tough one like me. Joking aside, I think Mike likes this style and wants to give it a go so he can have a keg of it at the ready.

Well, thanks for being a part of it. We enjoy being a part of your content consumption. May 2024 be a tremendous year for all of us!


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