This homebrewing beer challenge rolls on as we go back to The Jar and pull out our next picks for beer styles to brew. This is our sixth pick and we have two more beer styles to brew in the next couple of months. What hath The Jar wrought this time around?

What beer styles did The Jar giveth us in our 6th pick?

Oh Jar, What Are The Beer Styles Picked This Time?

As we done since the very end of 2021, we used The Jar to give us a beer style to brew and try our hardest to brew a good example of the style. Here’s what our sixth picks gave us:

28A. Brett Beer

As a part of the American Wild Ale category of beers, Mike feels confident he will be able to come up with a recipe that will present Brett character. The turnaround time might be tight but this dude can rise to the occasion.

5D. German Pils

Mike almost had me put this one back in. I have brewed this style before. I don’t know if I would say that I have brewed one that made me extremely happy. The Jar is calling for me to elevate my game to brew an excellent one.

The clock is ticking. We will have the results for these two beers in June 2023. Until then, get caught up on all the picks:

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Thanks for following along and BREW ON!