How about that? The Homebrew Jar of Destiny series has been picked up for another year of beer style exploration and homebrewing challenges. The Jar started us on this path early in 2022 and will continue for at least another year. Here are the fifth picks to start off 2023!

The Fifth Pick From The Homebrew Jar of Destiny

What Beer Styles Were Picked?

This time around, we got a couple of interesting selections:

25 C – Belgian Golden Strong Ale

From category 25, it’s another Strong Belgian Ale for me. This time, its the Belgian Golden Strong Ale. It’s similar to the Tripel (see the link below) so I will need to figure out the differences before I brew. I still have some of the former beer so we will need to taste them side by side too.

19 A – American Amber Ale

From the Amber and Brown American Beer category, we have the challenge of brewing an American Amber Ale that can stand out from the beers we have in our memories and the ones that are still available today. Can Mike brew an excellent version of the style? We shall see.

Thanks for following along on this path of homebrewing righteousness. We will have the outcome of our brews before March 31, 2023.

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