We enter the last phase of the Homebrew Jar of Destiny series with the fourth picks of the year. The year feels like it went by quickly. That’s the power of the Jar, manipulating space and time. Maybe it’s all relative, I am not 100% convinced. No matter – behold the glory of this homebrewing challenge!

The End of the Year Long Road

What did the Jar have for us this time? Well, let me type it out.

12 C – English IPA

Who brews an English IPA anymore? I can tell you that this Brew Dude will brew one before the end of the year. With some English pale malts, maybe a fun specialty grain, and English hops for bittering and finishing, I think I am going to enjoy this beer challenge.

33 A – Wood-Aged Beer

We threw his initial pick back in, but Mike’s official fourth pick is a wood aged beer. This category is fairly open. There are a wide array of base beers that Mike could choose from. What will he incorporate into this JoD challenge? We’ll have to wait and see.

Hope you are digging this homebrew challenge. Should we continue into 2023? Let us know.

Brew ON!

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