Our homebrewing challenge series is wrapped up for 2023. Mike picked from the Jar of Destiny and pulled out a Specialty IPA style. He took a few months to research and come up with a plan. Here’s Mike example of the Belgian IPA – Style 21B to share with all of us.

Brew Dudes Belgian IPA Recipe

This recipe is for a 3.5 US gallon batch size brewed on a Brewzilla system.

76% of Dingemans Belgian Pilsner malt (7 pounds or 3.18 kg)
8% of Dingemans 20° L Aromatic malt (12 ounces or 340 g)
5% of Carafoam malt (8 ounces or 227 g )
10% Table sugar (1 pound or .45 kg )

First wort hopping with Cascade and Sterling (60 minutes)
Additional hops at 5 minutes: Sterling, Cascade, and El Dorado (2 oz)

Lallemand’s Abbey Ale yeast

Mashed for 60 minutes at 154°F, ramped up to 168°F for mash out

Original Gravity: 1.066 (missed target of 1.072)
Final Gravity: 1.015
Alcohol By Volume (ABV): 6.96%

Our Tasting Notes

Let’s start out with this beer’s color and appearance. It looks to have a light golden to amber color. There is cloudiness present and we are expecting it to clear with aging. The body was medium, even with the table sugar addition.

In the aroma, there is a distinct Belgian yeast presence with fruity and bubblegum notes. For the flavor, there are earthy hop notes from Sterling and some strong hop bitterness. It has a dry finish with the help of cane sugar. Overall, there is an initial strong impact that becomes more enjoyable with time and warming. The biggest takeaway is the harmony of hop and yeast flavors, showcasing the Belgian character.

When I asked Mike to compare to the commercial version (Houblon Chouffe), he thinks his version is less refined compared to the commercial version. There are some differences in hop bitterness, but similarities in the prominence of the yeast character.

Now go – brew up a Belgian IPA and revel in the complexity and contrast. Enjoy the harmony of hop and yeast flavors!


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