The 9th pick gave us dark lagers to brew. We met the challenge without hesitation. The Jar forces us to learn about beer styles and how to brew them. Mike brought all of his experience and skills to this malty beer style that had many in our audience excited. Hey, include me in that group. Here is our presentation of Czech Dark Lager – BJCP Style 3D!

Quite dark and tasty

The Recipe

Mike packs this ingredient list with top-notch malts and traditional hops.

41% Bohemian Floor Malted Pilsner malt
41% Vienna malt
8% Caramunich 2 (60°L)
6% Melanoidin malt (30°L)
4% Carafa Special III (for color adjustment)

All traditional Czech Saaz hops
60-minute addition (20g)
10-minute addition (1 ounce)
Flameout addition (1 ounce)
Estimated IBUs: 22

Wyeast 2278 Czech Pils Yeast
Used two full packets, five months away from expiration date
Starter was made with the yeast

Brewing Process:
Mashed at 151°F for 90 minutes
Pre-boil gravity: 1.050
Post-boil gravity: 1.060
Fermented at around 55°F
Fermentation duration: approximately 21 days
Lagered at around 35°F for approximately three to four weeks

Czech Dark Lager Tasting Notes

Appearance: Dark copper, almost black, with a red or garnet tint, clear to bright clarity, large off-white head
Aroma: Toast, hints of cola, spicy notes from Saaz hops, noble character
Flavor: Balanced maltiness with spicy hop character, velvety chocolate notes, clean and clear, good foam retention
Overall Impression: Highly drinkable, refined complexity, well-balanced

Brew ON!

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