As we continue with the Homebrew Jar of Destiny series, we go back to the start and choose two more beer styles to learn and brew. Check out the next batch of beers in this video:

What Is Our Density – I mean, Destiny

I am not sure it’s destiny. It’s certainly chance. This label is certainly another example of these Brew Dudes trying to make something out of nothing.

No matter what your take is, the fact that we’re putting a hand in a jar and choosing one of dozens of different beer styles to brew is exciting for us.

Let’s dive into what the Jar had for us in this second round for 2022.

2B. International Amber Lager

Well, this style is interesting. As Americans, I think we have been taught to think that Dos Equis Amber (now branded as Ambar) or Yuengling Lager are the classic examples of the style. Knowing that one of my favorite styles is Vienna Lager, I am looking forward to see Mike’s take on this beer. In my estimation, the International Amber Lager is a Vienna Lager with less malt character. We shall see!

26C. Belgian Tripel

Here’s the style that the Jar gave me. I have enjoyed the Belgian Tripels I have had in the past. I’m willing to do some commercial beer research with this one. After picking up some examples, I will have a sense of where the flavors are with the yeast being the strongest driver. Because of the stated carbonation level on the BJCP site, I may bottle condition this beer. The Jar can be demanding so I should get a move on brewing this Tripel sooner rather than later.

Those are the two picks from this round of the Homebrew Jar of Destiny. Stay tuned between now and the end of June for the tasting posts!


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