Some information about the uh…um…guys behind this site (Just didn’t feel like using the word “dude” again).

Brew Dude Mike
Brew Dude Mike Good brewing to all. I have been an avid brewer since 1998. I received my first starter brewing kit for Christmas in ’97. I fired off my first beer, “True Brew” amber ale, right after the New Year holiday. It was passable, but it was yeasty… so by March 1st I had purchased a secondary fermentor and never looked back.
Today I am a dedicated all-grain brewer. I batch sparge in a 40 qt ‘cube’ cooler and use a converted half-barrel keg as my kettle. As you can imagine, I fire this all up on a 50,000 BTU Cajun Cooker. I am a gear-head so I love to look for new and improved equipment to help make the brew process easier. However, I also like to keep it simple, which is why I still use an immersion chiller rather than a counter flow (too lazy to clean that thing out).  I brew because I love controlling the finished product of my own beer. Brewing your own allows you to take the best aspect of one beer and combine it with another. I enjoy experimenting with ingredients to see how each one can change the flavor of a beer, even within the same style (I guess that comes with years of being a bio-research scientist).
I am a bit of a traditionalist and believe that a great beer is a balanced beer. Extreme applications of single ingredients or combinations are great for pushing the boundaries of beer, but beer is still a social drink meant for all. There is no better way to enjoy beer than with a well balanced example of your favorite style; in the company of good friends and paired with great food.

Brew Dude John
Brew Dude JohnI started homebrewing on the Fourth of July in 2005 on a whim. Mike had been brewing his own beer for a while and encouraged everyone that enjoyed his beer that we too could make our own. “If you can boil water, you can brew beer!” he said. So, I got a beginner brewing kit from and I have been brewing ever since. In my non-brewing life, I work in online marketing so this site is sort of an extension of all the things I have learned along the way.  Much like homebrew, this site is entrenched in the DIY ethic.  Mike and I are dedicated to creating a blog that will journal our own brewing adventures but hopefully in time it will become a resource for other people who enjoy brewing beer…or at least enjoy drinking it. Thanks for stopping by. If you would like to get in touch with us, please use the info provided on our Contact page.  You can always leave a comment as well on one of our posts.