As we reflect on 2021, albeit briefly because it was overly great, we introduce a beer brewing challenge for these Brew Dudes. Please meet The Homebrew Jar of Destiny!

What will be our homebrewing fate?

What is The Homebrew Jar of Destiny?

As Mike has observed and states in the video, we Brew Dudes are creatures of habit. We do tend to brew the same styles often. Hey, when you like certain styles of beer, you take the time to brew them often.

As true keepers of the homebrewing flame, we are challenging ourselves for 2022. Every three months, we will go to the Jar of Destiny and retrieve a homebrew style that is listed in the 2015 BJCP guidelines*. We plan to this blind choice as a part of our regular video posts so keep following the channel to stay up to date with the latest styles.

I picked the wooden nickel with the Black IPA written on it. It is one of the substyles of 21B – Specialty IPA.

Mike’s fate was of another style: 17A British Strong Ale.

Now that we have our assignments, we need to do our research. I plan to read up on the style and do some in-the-field investigation. That is, have a few pints of Black IPA from commercial breweries.

Mike is right – this jar will force us to learn more about beers and share what we have discovered on a regular basis. I do think that getting great a few styles is a worthy skill, but homebrewers of our experience level should expand their horizons.

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of this wacky homebrewing adventure. These Brew Dudes will continue to showcase our interesting in brewing beer at home as long as we can.

Brew ON!

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