We are coming up on the 2 year mark on this homebrewing challenge. We go back to the Jar and choose another two beer styles to brew. Let’s see what the eight pick gives us.

Are you ready for the 8th pick?

The 8th Beer Style Pick

The Jar gives us a chance to brew beer styles that we may not have brewed in the past. Chosen at random, it gives us the challenge to study up on the classic examples and plan to brew to the best of our abilities. Here are the beers you can expect from us before the end of 2023.

16D. Foreign Extra Stout

We had a stout in our seventh pick and the Jar thought it would be good to have in this round too. Here is another stout style that is a little stronger than a dry stout. It’s going to be interesting to see how we can brew this style to fit the description. The key is in the roast flavors. Mike hates coffee but he may love this beer.

21B. Specialty IPA: Belgian IPA

Mike is excited to a certain extent to brew this style. It is product of the last revision to the BJCP guidelines where the IPA category was expanded greatly. I am not sure if I have had a commercial example of a Belgian IPA but I can imagine how the hop and yeast flavors notes could work together. We’re excited to see what Mike comes up with.

If you have been following along, you know the deal. We will be back in a few months with the beers. To get caught up, check out all the posts!

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Cheers and BREW ON!