After 12 years of writing this blog, the last 6 years focused on posting videos on YouTube and following up in this space, we were presented with a book writing opportunity. The book is called Beer Brewing 101 and it will be available in stores on October 1, 2019. Watch this video as we talk about our approach and to whom this book would be valuable.

A Book For Beginners Who Love Craft Beer

We wrote this book for the person who is driven by the love of beer. When we first started out, we wanted the quickest and cheapest way to get into brewing beer at home. To this day, brewing using malt extract in partial boils is the easiest entry point for beginners.

This book covers all the bases. It has all the information someone needs to know regarding equipment and ingredients. It also has 30 of our recipes and some of them were created with well-known craft beers in mind.

If you ever enjoyed any of our content over the years, we would be honored if you would buy this book. Maybe you can add it to your collection, or maybe give it as a gift!

Here’s the link: Beer Brewing 101 Book on Amazon