After taking a few months to focus on the Jar of Destiny challenge, we’re back to run through our Viewer Submitted Beer recipes. We started this series last year and we got a good number of submissions. The first beer we brewed was an extract NEIPA recipe, which we really liked. This time, Mike brews a dry stout from a viewer named Michael from Sweden.

Let’s take a look at how our second beer of the series came out.

Look at that dry stout!

The Dry Stout Recipe

Brew Dude Mike brewed this recipe as it was sent to us. If you are taking notes at home, be sure to see the batch size.

Batch Size: 2.7 Gallons
Boil size: 3.9 gallon

3.67 pounds of Maris Otter malt
0.92 pounds of Roasted Barley
0.92 pounds of Flaked Barley
0.31 pounds of Rye Malt
0.31 pounds of Malted Oats

0.729 ounces of Challenger hops at 6.9% AA for 60 minutes
0.367 ounces of Challenger hops at 6.9% AA for 15 minutes
0.676 ounces of East Kent Goldings hops at 5% AA for 15 minutes
0.462 ounces of East Kent Goldings hops at 5% AA

Wyeast 1469 West Yorkshire Ale

Mash 150°F for 60 minutes with hot water addition for mash out at end

Tasting Notes

The appearance of this beer was opaque black with some brown highlights near the edges when held up to the light. The head was dark tan.

The aroma had whiffs of rich malt and dark fruit. The mouthfeel was medium full. The flaked oars and rye brought

The flavor had notes of dark fruits and vanilla. For a dry stout, it had a perceived sweetness. We think that Brew Dude Mike boiled the wort longer than the recipe called for, which caused a different flavor profile.

No matter – this beer was a great wintertime brew and we enjoyed it.

You can find the original recipe here.

Thanks Michael – Skål and Brew ON!