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Target Hops

This hop profile is for Target Hops. They are an English variety that was bred in the mid-1960s at the Department of Hop Research at Wye College. It appears that it was released in 1972 and made available to the US in the spring of ’76. Some other hop varieties bred at Wye College include Brewer’s Gold, Progress, and Admiral hops.

It’s a cross between Kent Goldings and Northern Brewer, producing small tight cones.

Origin: UK

Aroma/Flavor: Unique herbal character, earthy, minerally, grassy

Alpha Acid: 8.0 – 12.5%

Typical Usage: Bittering – Some sources claiming some good flavoring results.

Beer Styles: English style ales, American porters and stouts. Subtitutes include Fuggles and Willamette.


Boston Beer Week 2010




  1. Chris

    Target is nice. Unique indeed. Best in traditional English beers, but can be used in IPA’s. When surrounded by “normal” IPA hops it adds an earthy flavor that’ll leave beer geeks questioning your hops.

  2. Alan

    Target is a very versatile bittering hop but can be used as a flavour hop. I have found
    that it works in many categories of beer types even lagers. With lagers you would
    use a Saaz or Hallertau for for flavour and aroma.

  3. Gu

    Yup Yup , Target , well , I used them for the first time last month , me and the brew crew got a 6 oz sample from the local brewery in Mont-Laurier , they got lots and never use them , so not even knowing the acid specs , I used them for bitterness 2oz , flavor 2oz and aroma 2oz , 10 gallon batch , …………… Wow , GREAT IPA … Will do it again !

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