Another rip roarin’ hop profile from the Brew Dudes.  We took a look at Cluster hops last time, which have wild American roots.  This time, it’s another North American/British hybrid hop by way of Canada:  Brewer’s Gold.

The parent of Brewer’s Gold hops was a wild hop name BB1 that was found growing in Manitoba.  It was collected in 1916 by a guy named Macoun who was working as a professor at Wye College in England.  By 1919, Professor E.S. Salmon had bred BB1 with some native UK varieties to make Brewer’s Gold.

Brewing trials were conducted by local breweries in 1933 and 1934 to test out the new hop variety.   The official release year of this hop in 1934.

From my research and looking at the other profiles we have done on this blog, Brewer’s Gold is a parent of many of the new high alpha acid hop varieties.

Many modern high alpha hops were developed from Brewer’s Gold. Has a resiny, spicy aroma/flavor with hints of black currant.

Origin: UK by way of the Great White North

Aroma/Flavor: Resiny, Spicy, fruity, hints of black currant.

Alpha Acid: 8 – 10%

Typical Usage: Bittering mostly.

Beer Styles: English and German ales. Works nicely with the noble varieties. I believe Pete’s Wicked uses Brewer’s Gold.