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Boston Beer Week 2010

This week is Boston Beer Week!    It’s more like 10 days but who’s counting?

It all culminates with the American Craft Beer Fest this weekend….which the Brew Dudes will be attending Saturday afternoon.

To learn more abour Boston Beer Week, go here:  http://beeradvocate.com/bbw/

After the fest, I’m hoping we can hit this place:  http://www.stoddardsfoodandale.com/

Lots of cask ales at this place.  We’ll see if peeps want to make the trek.

Also hitting this place on Monday night (6/21) – extending the week for ourselves by a day.



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  1. Jorge

    How was Boston Beer Week?

    I’m going to the beerfest up in Flagstaff, AZ… (azbeer.com)


  2. Pretty damn good. The ACBF was great. I recommend both Stoddard’s and Deep Ellum as good beer places ’round Boston.

  3. Jorge

    I was in Boston back in January, but I’m actually in Phoenix…

    I went to the Bell In Hand and had their Sam Adams Brick Red Ale, which I guess was only being distributed in the New England Area…

  4. That’s true about the Brick Red ale. The Bell In Hand is a good place to raise a pint if you are visiting here.

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