When I saw Mike on Saturday night he asked me, “Dude, where are you getting all these hop varieties?”

I said, “It’s all out there, you just have to look.”  I have been looking and the next one on the list to explore is Progress hops.

Here’s a little background information: They were first bred and tested in 1951 as a cross between a Whitbread Golding female and a US male.

They were released in the swinging 60s (Yeah, baby!) as a replacement for Fuggles, being more resistant to wilt.

Origin: Horticulture Research International at Wye College in the UK

Aroma/Flavor: Robust, Fruity, Lime. M. Jackson called them “junipery”.

Alpha Acid: I saw ranges from 5 to 9.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma

Beer Styles: Northern Brewer states English and Scottish ales. The mild fruitiness of this hop is a good fit for those styles.

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