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Rauchbier Bottled

On Sunday, after 7 weeks of lagering, the Rauchbier was finally bottled up.  I added a little more corn sugar to prime with this time since the Maibock‘s carbonation was a little lacking.  I also used a sanitized spoon to mix up the beer in the bottling bucket to make sure the priming sugar was well integrated.

The samples out of the fermenter seemed good.  No weird tastes.  The clarity was there.  The color seemed right and the smoke flavor was satisfactory.

My friend Brian came over and helped out.  He went home with a case of homebrew.  How about that?

I was able to fill up twenty four 22 ounce bottles and seven 12 ounce bottles – just the right number for drinking and submitting to competitions.

We tried the other beers I had available including the blonde ale with homegrown hops, the saison, and one of the last bottles of the Irish Red.

We’ll taste it in a month…or sneakily open a bottle for NYE.


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  1. Jim

    This sounds like it is going to be a great way to ring in the new year!

  2. When can we expect the first chili recipe with Rauchbier? Or BBQ sauce made with Rauchbier?

  3. Sooner than you think….

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