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Blonde Ale First Tasting

So the Blonde Ale I brewed up for Thanksgiving was shared with family for the holiday and I didn’t have time to write up a post until now.

Appearance: Golden in color.  A tiny bit of haze – I think it needs to cold condition a bit.  White head.

Aroma: Bready malt.  A little sweetness.

Taste: Yeah, you can really taste the Magnum hops.   Earthy and bitter.  Some fruitiness.  No real maltiness present.  Finishes clean

Mouthfeel: Medium body, a nice softness to it.

Overall:  The homegrown Magnum hops are something I can use again.  Next time, I will use them as a bittering hop and feel pretty confident that I can match the amounts called for in a recipe with my homegrown ones.

I think my camera makes the beers look darker than they are:


Blonde Ale



Homebrewing Supplies Needed Again


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  1. Keith

    Sounds good! I wish my hops produced this year…

    I think a white background would go a long way toward faithful reproduction of the color of the beer.

  2. Herb Meowing

    Agree with Keith about using a white background.
    Even better results adding a white surface.

    I assemble a small enclosure using white poster board with good results.

  3. Thanks guys, I will try that out for next time.

  4. Have a polar bear hold the beer in a snowstorm, then take the photo. 🙂

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