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Dry Stout Recipe

Classic.  Dry Stout is often the first stout style most people encounter on the path to dark beer-dom.  This is style is best exemplified by Guinness Draught Stout. (Don’t confuse your varieties of Guinness.  There is a Guinness Porter and Foreign Extra on the market and they are easily confused).

One online beer write I know likens dry stout to white sauce for a chef; every good home-brewer should be able to whip up a classic dry stout.

Here is a most classic example of a dry stout.  Ah… the basics.  Brew often and enjoy:

8lbs Maris Otter (English pale malt)
2lbs Flaked Barley
1lb   Roasted Barley
2.0 oz EKG (5AA) 60min
WLP004 Irish Ale yeast.

OG ~1.043
Mash 120F for 15min, Raise to 150F for 60min.

(You could make this same recipe with extract subbing 3.6lbs LME of English variety.  And partial mashing the two grains with 2lbs of any base malt.  The flaked barley must be converted with a mash, so don’t skip that step and try and steep 2lbs of flaked barley.  You will release too much raw starch in the beer leading to under-attenuation and a sticky mouthfeel.)

BREW ON! (and on with this one)


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  1. I need a few less pounds of grain to get that gravity. I’m not familiar with flaked barley. Should I just reduce the MO or reduce the flaked and MO to keep the same ratio between the two?

  2. Keith good catch. Typo. I was shooting for 1.050ish in gravity.
    On a side note when trying to scale a recipe for gravity unit for the most part I’d never touch the specialty malts, just the base malts. OF course trying to go from 1050 to 1040 is a pretty big jump and might have warranted some adjustment of the specialty malts too.

  3. There are lots of “dry” stouts you could make with a more Interesting malt profile than Guinness, though I guess its a Good starting point to then start tweaking, and that said… a Home brewed Guinness will be better than the real mass-produced version in my opinion.
    Love a bit of Flaked Barley in a stout, it really adds to the silky mouth-feel.

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