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Irish Red First Tastings

This week is a week full of first tastings. The first of the, um, first tastings is the Irish Red Ale.

I brewed this one back in April. It fermented for two weeks and then I cold conditioned it for another two weeks in the fridge.

Here are some photos:

Irish Red Ale Showing off the red in the Irish Red Ale

I backlit the second photo with a flashlight just to show off the pinkness redness.

Not exactly fully carbonated yet. I bottled it up 10 days ago, but it is shaping up to be a good beer. I had my wife try it and she said it was very smooth and it will be really good once the bottle conditioning is finished.

The next tasting this week? It’s the Pomegranate Cinnamon Red Ale. I give that one a 35% chance of being drinkable. I’ll try it on Friday night and hopefully I will have time to post something right after the tasting.


Young Hops Vines


Pomegranate Cinnamon Ale First Tastings


  1. Is it a 35% chance of being drinkable, or will it be 35% drinkable? If it’s the latter, you can blend it 35/65 with another beer that is 100% drinkable and you’ll be just fine.

  2. I think it’s 35% chance that 100% of the beer will be drinkable. 🙂

    If it is not, I will just open some other beer.

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