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Olympic Hops

Looking at the internal search queries, I saw that a good number of people were looking for information about Olympic hops.

I researched for information about the hops and I found some details.  What I didn’t find is anyone selling them.

Plus, the information I found was a little dated.   So I am unsure this post will be helpful in terms of  deciding your next hops purchase but I can give you a good profile of the variety.

Who knows.  Maybe Olympic hops will make a comeback and you will find them available for purchase the next time you visit your local homebrew shop.

Bred by by C. E. Zimmermann in 1974, they are a cross of an unbranded female and male variety. Their makeup spilts out like this:

They were released for public sale in 1983 or 1985 by the Washington Agricultural Experiment Station and the USDA.

Here’s the rest of the breakdown for Olympic:

Origin: USA. Specifically, Prosser, WA

Aroma/Flavor: citrusy aroma, spicy.

Alpha Acid: 11-13%

Typical Usage: Bittering

Beer Styles: American ales, particular pale ales

Substitutions: Chinook

There was one interesting note that I found about this variety. It stated that the hops were adapted to Washington, but they did not produce well in Oregon. They were still being produced in 1997 but not sure if they are any more. I would say go with Chinook if you looking to brew something that is similar to Olympic – for now.

Again, I couldn’t find any for sale at the time of posting. If you know where some can be purchased, please leave a comment below.


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  1. How about Belma hops? I heard about them recently, and they are for sale.

  2. Never heard of Belma hops but let me check them out.

  3. Phil

    I grow Olympic hops in southern Oregon. I do not have a lot right now but I am going to plant more.

  4. Keep growing them, Phil – Cheers to an awesome harvest!

  5. We will have some for sale in 2017.

  6. Great – look forward to next year!

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