I have been looking through our hop profiles and found that we have not written about East Kent Goldings (or any Goldings hops) yet.  This variety is Mike’s “go-to” English hop.  He uses these in his Ordinary Bitters and other English style ales.

Goldings is an Old English hop variety that was cultivated from a wild variety named Canterbury Whitebine.  There are other Goldings (Kent, Whitbread) but the ones grown in East Kent are the premier version.   Note: Styrian Goldings hops were bred from Fuggles, but that’s another post.

Origin: As noted above, East Kent Goldings hops are grown specifically in the area in the Southeastern part of England known as East Kent.

Aroma/Flavor: Sweet, Smooth, Citrus/Lemon, Floral.  One source stated Violets and Apricot.

Alpha Acid: 4 – 5.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma – Good for dry hopping.

Beer Styles: All English style ales.  Some Belgian styles too.