Ok – here’s the moment you may or may not have been waiting for. Mike showed you how to brew by just adding water. Then, he did a check-in to show us that the bag hadn’t exploded. Now the beer is ready and it’s time to drink it. Here is the Muntons Brewery In A Bag Pale Ale Tasting!

How Did It Taste?

For starters, we knew the beer would be like a cask-conditioned brew. The carbonation was light and the head was pretty non-existent. The color was a nice dark copper to amber. The aroma had some bready notes but also had some notes of green apple.

The bready notes were in the flavor along with the green apple flavor like a Jolly Rancher candy. We thought that this flavor was coming from Acetaldehyde in the beer, probably because the fermentation was incomplete.

Other than that, the beer was drinkable and would be cool to crush with your friends watching a sporting event (if they ever get back to playing professional sports in these COVID days). It’s simplicity and it all-in-one set up makes it a cool gift for someone trying to brew beer at home.