Now that we’re two weeks into fermenting with the Brewery In A Bag from Muntons, Mike thought it would be good to provide an update. Here we are with the check on how the bag is progressing with this video:

That Bag is Swole

So after adding water and sealing up the bag, the yeast took off inside with the malt extract mixture. The mylar bag became swollen and Mike was able to have it stand on its own. You can tell that there is enough space for sediment to sit below the spigot, so, in theory, each pour should be clear of the yeast and other particulates at the bottom of the bag.

We continue to wait, following the instructions that came with the bag. Then, we will be able to taste the beer that is fermenting in this thing. Mike’s comment to me last week was, “If I were going to tell someone an easy way to start to brew, this BIB would be it. There no need for equipment – it’s all self contained.”

I think we agree it would be a good place to start, but to stay? I guess we’ll find out.

Brew on!

Check out the tasting video!