Way back when we could go outside our house and congregate with people, we got a product from the Muntons booth at the NHC. It’s been sitting in Mike’s basement for a while. In these uncertain, unprecedented times, Mike decided to give us all a walkthrough and review of their Pale Ale Brewery in a Bag.

The Muntons BIAB Process

So, what’s interesting and convenient about this product is that one only has to add water to get beer. This long cylinder has all the stuff you need to make 25 pints of pale ale. All you have to do is provide the water.

Mike read the instructions carefully. He figured out how to measure the water that was needed to the kit. The big measuring cup was key. The water needed to be lukewarm and because the opening was small, the water addition was a slow process.

After the water was added, he shook up the bag to mix the extract with the water. Then, he got some scissors and opened up the yeast packet. Once that was opened, he added the yeast. The next step was to add the remaining (larger) quantity of water, which thankfully was a lot easier than the first batch.

Once the water was all in, he replaced the cap with one that would allow the CO2 to escape the bag. Now, we wait. In 30 days, the beer will be ready and just maybe we can drink it together in the same room.


Check out what the bag looks like after 2 weeks.

Check out our tasting video!