Mike got his malt experiments going. Here he brewed three beers to make a video where we get to learn more about the differences between Crystal 40°L and Crystal 60°L malts. Take a look at this video!

Malt Experiment Thoughts

Even though we were comparing two malts, Mike brewed a base beer as a starting off point – a foundation to which we could compare the other two beers. The base beer was just a simple beer using Great Western 2-row malt. Then, he brewed one beer with Crystal 40°L malt and one beer with Crystal 60°L malt.

The tasting between the three beers was an interesting process. I learned what flavors the base malt brought to the beer first. Then, I focused on what each of the Crystal malts taste profiles were.

I expected 40 to be “sweeter” than 60 but that really didn’t play out. I don’t think there was much sweetness to the beers with Crystal malt in them. What I found was a milder caramel, burnt sugar flavor in the 40 beer than the 60 beer. The 60 beer had more notes of toast, more of that Mallard reaction, than the 40.

The difference between the two was really quite subtle. This experiment really nailed home that fact that either of the Crystal malts would bring very similar flavor components to your beer. Yes, they were different but just slightly so.

When we start comparing the darker Crystal malts to the lighter ones, then we will detect bigger differences.