The summer months are coming up here in the old Northern Hemisphere and it’s time to brew beers appropriate to the season. Check out this video about brewing an American Blonde Ale for the summertime!


Batch Size: 5.5 US gallons


12 pounds of Rahr Pilsner malt
.5 pounds of German Munich Type 1 malt

1 oz Columbus hops added with 30 minutes left to go in the boil
1 oz X09326 Experimental hop added with 10 minutes left to go in the boil

Fermented with Lallamand New England American East Coast Ale

Fermented for 2 weeks – started at 65 degrees and then warmed it up to finish it out.

Tasting Notes

Light, soft body. The color was spot on and the clarity was getting there. This was one of Mike’s best versions of the style. It was light and fruity in the flavor and crisp in the aftertaste.

It went great with tacos.