We try out a no boil kit from Muntons. They have a few different kits available for homebrewers as a part of their Flagship Range. Mike brewed their Hazy Zesty Fruity IPA kit and we pour a few pints to talk about it.

We love quick and easy brewing. Watch this video to learn more about this no boil hazy IPA:

Quick & Easy Brewing – No Boil Kit

The key reason one would brew a no boil kit is the extremely short time it takes. I asked Mike how long a brew day it was for him and he replied, “30 minutes”. Needing only a half hour to set up a beer for fermentation feels like a minor miracle to me.

Quick? Yes, but what does the beer taste like?

This kit comes with two cans of liquid malt extract (LME). These two cans are mixed with water to make the wort. The real heroes of this beer are the Citra and Mosaic hop pellets which are added right after the wort is made.

Mike selected his own yeast strain for this kit to put his own spin on the beer. After he pitched it, the beer fermented at room temperatures until the final gravity was reached.

Hazy Zesty Fruity Tasting Notes

You can tell that this beer is hoppy right from the start. The aroma is strong and fruity. The head is thick and leaves a good lacing. The flavor has the IPA notes that we know well. The combination of Citra and Mosaic is like peanut butter and jelly – not really – but they do combine well in IPAs.

The big detractor in this beer is the lack of malt foundation. The lack of boiling brings no melanoidins to the final product. Because of this less-than-lively malt presence, we can’t say this beer is excellent but it is good. The hop expression saves it.

We have brewed Muntons kits before and have had good results with them. If you’re looking for a quick brew day and a good beer, these kits are for you.