These Brew Dudes take another crack at homebrewing beer the easy way with Muntons Brewery In a Bag. We were sent this all-in-one Dark Ale brew kit a while ago. Right before the COVID lockdown, Mike brewed the Pale Ale version of the Brewery In a Bag. He followed the directions to the letter and we thought the process could be improved using our homebrew knowledge. Watch this video as we do a take two on this type of beginner brew kit and see if we brew better beer this time.

What Was Different This Time?

The first time Mike brewed a beer using the Brewery In a Bag kit, he used the dry yeast that came with it. We were unsure how fresh the yeast was so we thought we’d use better quality yeast for the next time. For the Dark Ale, Mike used yeast from his British Strong Ale. All the other instructions were followed for the kit. He added water to the bag and then pitched his yeast. In a few weeks, he had beer.

Brewery In a Bag Dark Ale Tasting Notes

Well, even with the slight adjustment using better yeast, I think we made worse beer this time around. I am chalking it up to the age of the kit. What I tasted had lots of off-flavors. There was a strong soy sauce note that wasn’t desired. Maybe the malt extract was past its prime. I don’t think it was a yeast derived issue or a fermentation control problem. There was something off in the base extract.

Since we’re focused on beer styles with our Jar of Destiny series, we know there is no sanctioned English Dark Ale style. My feeling is this beer would best align with a Southern English Brown Ale. There were notes of molasses in it – was that an ingredient in the kit? We may never know. This product no longer appears on the Muntons site from what we can see. Our Brewery In a Bag Dark Ale may be the last of its kind.

To that notion, I say, Brew on.