After a long hiatus since the last in-person one, Homebrew Con 2022 offered these Brew Dudes a chance to take in a few educational sessions, see the latest offerings from different homebrewing vendors, and be amongst our people in the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in Pittsburgh, PA. Here’s our recap video of our experiences at the convention this year.

Key Takeaways

As compared to the one we attended in Providence, RI, this Homebrew Con was smaller. Smaller in terms of the number of attendees, the number of vendors on the exposition floor, and the number of sessions. Coming out of a pandemic, we understood that in-person participation would be lower. Seeing the smaller scale does support the notion that the hobby is in decline, but we’re hoping that by next year, we’ll see numbers back to 2019 levels.

The sessions they did have were informative – that’s something that has not changed. Like the last time, you get a bit tired of the information overload. It’s all well and good but when you go to this convention as a true student of the craft, you find yourself pretty spent after 3 sessions in the day.

The vendors who were there were great. It’s always nice to meet people who make a living either selling homebrew ingredients or equipment. Special shout out to Yakima Valley Hops as they were quite welcoming and gave out some much free hops to the attendees. There were always long lines for their booth.

Other Homebrew Con 2022 Thoughts

Lastly, it’s always tremendous when people you don’t know say hello and say nice things about the content that you put out on the internet. I am always surprised to hear it but appreciative. We Brew Dudes starting this blog back in July of 2007 and to be still typing out to you right now is pretty shocking. Especially when you think about the blogs that have come and gone in those 15 years, I get a sense that if we have anything – it’s persistence.

So, if you like what you see and read, let us know. Thank to all the people who said hey. It’s always great to talk to others who love brewing beer at home. Maybe we’ll see you at next year’s convention?

Cheers and BREW ON!