These Brew Dudes are fresh from Homebrew Con 2019 and have some things to say about it. The conference took place in Providence, RI this year which was the first time in 28 years it was held in a New England state. Since it was our first time, we talk about what we learned from the experience.

What Did We Learn?

Here are the top three things we got out of going to Homebrew Con.

# 1 – You Get a Ton of Free Stuff

The exhibition hall is full of vendors set up to give out complimentary items. The haul we brought back was comparable to the conference ticket in terms of monetary value. If you are looking for a good ROI, Homebrew Con is top notch.

#2 – The Sessions Are Great

I learned so much from some of the sessions, especially the ones that were about historical brew styles. The panel parts were ok but the sessions that examined techniques or the history of beer were top notch.

#3 – The Tribe

There’s something to be said about being with your people. Yeah, the majority of us were strangers but it was awesome to strike up a conversation with someone who you didn’t know but understood you had some common ground. I learned a lot from just talking to other homebrewers from around the country and it rejuvenated my interest in the hobby.

That’s it. If you went to Homebrew Con 2019, let us know. Hopefully we saw each other. If not, let’s share a beer at the next one.

Brew On!