COVID-19 reared its ugly head at Mike’s house and we had to quarantine again. Staying separate and hearing the news about a long standing homebrew shop closing its doors after 30+ years of operation had us thinking about the state of the hobby. Were the commenters right? Is homebrewing no longer needed because good beer is everywhere? Mike and I talked about the decline of homebrewing beer in this beer.

Long Live Homebrewing

When we picked up our first homebrewing kit, we didn’t know were were going to be blogging/vlogging about it. Over time, we felt compelled to broadcast about our take on the hobby and started this little site.

One of our favorite shops was the Modern Homebrew Emporium on Mass Ave. Working in that area made it convenient for us to pick up things we needed for the weekend brew. The staff was friendly and helpful – even if I had to pay a parking ticket or two because I got caught up in a chat (always feed the meter!)

It’s sad to think that the shop wasn’t going to be an option for us to pick up ingredients and equipment. When I read the article, the comments described a hobby that didn’t need to be anymore. Good beer was everywhere. Kits were expensive. Who has the time?

After talking about it with Mike, it’s true that it’s not as popular as it once was. Maybe there was a level of people who brewed one or two batches and then gave up because it wasn’t great. When you can find great beer in your local store and the only effort for you is to open the can, I can’t argue with that.

What I can argue is that this hobby provides an outlet for your left and right sides of your brains and a chance to meet some great people. Homebrew peeps are the greatest peeps. Thanks for reading and brew on!