Sometimes, when you want to try something new, it’s best to keep some of the things you do familiar. I think that’s what Mike was doing when he tried out SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast from Fermentis. He used it in an American Blonde Ale that he brewed and here’s how it turned out.

American Blonde Ale Recipe

Here is the recipe that Mike put together. It’s based on previous recipes he has created with an eye to try out this dry yeast strain.

This is for a 6.5 US Gallon – post-boil batch:


8 pounds (3.63 kg) of Weyermann Pilsner Malt
1 pound (453 g) of Flaked Barley
1 pound (453 g) of Weyermann CaraHell Malt – 13 °L

0.5 ounces (14 g) of Cascade hops (6% AA) – added at 60 minutes left to go in the boil
2 ounces (56 g) Loral hops (10% AA) – added at 10 minutes left to go in the boil

Yeast: SafAle K-97 German Ale Dry Yeast


Mash at 150°F (65.5 °C) for 75 minutes
Mash out at 168°F (75.5°) for 10 minutes
Ferment at 60°F (15.5 °C) for 10 days, raise temp to 68°F (20°C) for an additional 3 days

Original Gravity: 1.052
Final Gravity: 1.009

Our Tasting Notes

The beer was freshly kegged so it was a bit hazy still. Mike was confident it would clear in the keg. From the Loral, I was getting a lot of woody notes.

The body was a little heavier from the flaked barley and the CaraHell malt. The finish was still crisp and provided a pillow-y aftertaste that we enjoy in a Kölsch.

We think this yeast strain did well in this beer style. If you’re looking for an alternative to an American strain like US-05, try out K-97. It makes a great blonde ale.