We had a viewer request for us to brew this SMaSH beer ages ago. These Brew Dudes had some knowledge of the hop. It didn’t blow us away in our previous adventures, but we do like to satisfy requests. Here’s our video discussing our Nelson Sauvin SMaSH Beer.

What Did We Think?

Well, this hop lived up to its hype about all the white wine flavors and aromas that are used in the descriptors. It really paired nicely with the 2-row malt and provided a very nice white grape flavor to the beer. Because I used these hops late in the brewing process, the bitterness was muted. This particular pouch was listed at 11.1% Alpha Acids so I didn’t want to add any to the beginning of the boil. I think that brought an outstanding quality to the beer.

Mike was knocked out by the smooth bitterness of the beer (smooth bitterness also being a descriptor). The finish on the beer was transcendent. It was something really special and we were surprised by that outcome.

Check out this hop when you get a chance. From what we read in the comments, a heavy dose of these hops may be a bad thing. It seems a lighter touch really brought the best out of Nelson Sauvin hops.