Back in 2014, I started brewing Lambic style sour beers and had a plan to brew the same beer on the same day for 3 years in a row. In the summer of 2017, we tasted all three beers and then made up a blending plan. Then, I started the whole process again – starting in 2017. Well, here we are in 2020 and now I have 3 years of beers again. Let’s taste what I have and see what the strategy is to blend these lots.

How Did They Turn Out This Time?

I brought over samples of the 3 beers to Mike’s driveway and we tasted them. The oldest, the 3 year old, was the best of the bunch. The other two seemed to need more time in the fermentor, which may be a good thing since I will need more bugs for the beer to carbonate in the bottle and continue to age over the years.

I think the plan is to use most of the 3 year old beer with some additions from the other two. Then, I am going to do some combination of the other two and maybe add another shot of Brett to them so that they ferment more. The body on the other two is a bit full and they would be better off with some more bulk fermentation time.

I should have some bottles ready for tasting in a few weeks and we’ll compare it to the 2017 version.