Sometimes we have other homebrewers want to share their beer with us. We have been doing this exchange thing for a while since, here we are, hitting our 40th swap. Check out the beer we got sent from Mark in Colorado.

A Kölsch and an NEIPA For Us

Mark sent us 3 beers but we wanted to taste these two for the channel. They were both pretty good.

The Kölsch was clear right out of the bottle. It had a strong Pilsner malt flavor and aroma. The comment we both had was that the spicy hop note needed to be turned up a bit. There were no other flaws in the flavor. Every thing was nice and clean.

The NEIPA has big notes of American “C” hops. The aroma and flavor was filled with citrus notes. We felt Mark’s technique was sound in producing this style. The hopping rates were where they should be. Other fruitier varieties would stand out if he were to brew it again.

Again, we are always grateful that anyone would want to send us a beer, let alone 3. Thanks Mark – and BREW ON!