One of the recent issues of BYO Magazine had a list of hop varieties that you just gotta try. One of them was Lotus hops. As per usual, when we want to learn more about a hop outside of reading the short description on the side of the packet, we add them to a simple brew for our own humble analysis.

Watch this video to learn more about this variety as we taste a Lotus hops SMaSH beer!

Lotus Hops SMaSH Thoughts

So this hop had an interesting descriptor on the packet: vanilla. We weren’t sure how that would present itself in the aroma or flavor but there it was. It had a detectable note not unlike what you would find in a good Bourbon. Mike said it was unique and I agreed with that statement.

The other notes we found were candied fruit with some orangey citrus. As it warmed, the impression of a creamsicle did make it into our minds. Even though the days are getting shorter here, the memories of summer were kept alive with this flavor profile.

As for its use in a beer that you want to brew, we feel like this hop can stand on its own. Although subtle, there are enough interesting notes for Lotus hops to be showcased as a standalone hop. Keep the grain bill simple – a light colored base malt with some grains for body like flaked oats or wheat and it would be a stellar warm weather beer.

As for blending, Mike’s suggestion was Nelson Sauvin – these hops are cut from the same cloth and may intertwine well with each other. For contrast, I think a variety that has more pine notes would be a good pair. I think Simcoe hops or Chinook hops would do well with Lotus hops.

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Brew ON!