Here’s something that you haven’t been waiting for but you may still be interested in learning more. This post gives us the showdown between Cryo vs. Regular hop pellets. We brewed two simple beers the same way with the only difference being the hops. Check out this video to see and hear our thoughts:

What Did We Think?

Well, it is clear that Cyro hops are what they claim to be – more intense in terms of flavor and aroma. The Mosaic character seemed fresher and more powerful in every component – the aroma, the flavor, and the aftertaste.

Comparing the Cryo beer to the beer brewed with just regular pellets gave us a good understanding of what this processing allows for homebrewers to do. You can definitely use half the amount of Cryo hops in your recipes.

If you’re really looking for the best application, use Cryo hops late in your brewing process. These types of hops are made for the whirlpool portion of your brew day. Add them after flameout for maximum results and awesome taste.