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BrewSensible BrewSSSiphon Review

We were asked to check out this piece of homebrewing equipment. In an era when all things are made of stainless steel in this era of the hobby, why shouldn’t we have a stainless steel siphon? The answer is, we should.

Even though the conventional wisdom says the majority of us are racking via closed systems, it’s always good to have a siphon on-hand. Check out our demonstration and review of the BrewSSSiphon:

BrewSSSiphon Features

I know that I have gone through about 3 different auto-siphons made out of plastic. They break easily and usually at inconvenient times. Let’s go through the best features of this stainless steel siphon:

  1. It’s extremely durable. It feels heavy in your hand and seems to be built like a tank. This siphon will definitely last a lifetime.
  2. It has a removable check valve that can be manually cleaned in case whole cone hops or other adjuncts might get in there.
  3. It can be sanitized easily. The whole thing can be put in an oven and baked up to 250° F (121°C). You can use it and feel confident that this siphon is safe for sour and traditional yeast ferments.
  4. It’s wider than other auto-siphons I have used so it has faster flow rate.
  5. It’s versatile as it can be used to transfer hot wort in the event a kettle screen gets clogged.
  6. If there is ever a need for replacement parts, the owner has your back. If anything gets broken, lost, worn out, he have all the parts available.
  7. It’s the only choice for distillers. Because it is made of stainless steel and silicone, it is safe to transfer up to 190 proof ethanol.
  8. It provides “Hands Free Racking and greater depth adjustment control with the use of the Carbon Sleeve and Spring clip.
  9. Custom brushes & the best silicone racking tubing is available for the siphon. The tubing is more flexible than the standard silicone tubing you get at the home brew store.
  10. The customer service is top notch – it’s one guy and he sends a personal handwritten thank you from me with every order. If anything happens, he’ll make it right.

We really liked this product and will continue to use it.

Follow this link to find the best brew siphon out there.



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  1. Robert Bruchsaler

    Are they still in business? I order in early February and they took my money but no response after numerous attempts to contact anyone there.

  2. Hi Robert – Let me send you the contact information I have for this vendor.

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