I did get a lot of hops from Homebrew Con 2019. Some of those hops even came in a can. With one of those cans, I brewed a one gallon batch with Idaho Gem hops and no other variety. Check out our video discussing this SMaSH beer and how these hops should be used.

What Did We Think?

The descriptors attached to this hop variety were promising. There is supposed to be some pineapple as well as cherry in flavor and aroma. In the aftertaste, there is a reported spicy, herbal component.

Well, we got the spiciness but the fruit flavors were pretty lacking. The cherry and the pineapple were hints at best. Mike thought the fruit flavors were more of underripe fruit than anything bold like cherry.

Overall, we thought this hop variety was better for blending than any other application. Add it in to accent a fruitier hop like Rakau.

Brew ON!