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Lallemand American East Coast Ale Yeast Review

If there was one thing we learned about at Homebrew Con 2019, the dry yeast makers have upped their game. We got a packet of Lallemand’s American East Coast Ale yeast and we took it for a whirl. Check out this video as we taste the results of a NEIPA or NEAPA that we brewed using this yeast strain.

How Did The Yeast Perform?

This beer had a starting gravity of 1.060 so I felt pretty confident that I could pitch the yeast right out of the packet. The fermentation started in less than a day. It was showing off a nice band of krausen when I woke up the next morning.

The finishing gravity was 1.011 making for a nice, dry finish. The yeast strain was able to handle the simple sugar I added to the boil to help me get that dry finish.

If you are looking to brew with a yeast that works for hoppy style, make sure you include this packet as one of your choices.



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  1. Chris

    Thanks guys, really enjoy the videos. Wanted to know what you think of this yeast in a neipa compared to other yeasts you’ve tried. I really like how the Imperial dry hop yeast performed but its getting harder to get that here in Europe for some reason, so I wanted to switch to dry yeasts like the New England yeast, S04, etc.

  2. Hi Chris – thanks for the comment. I thought this yeast performed very well for the style. We didn’t taste side by side with some other yeast strains but many of the NEIPAs I have brewed lately, I have used US-05 and been happy. If you can get your hands on this dry yeast strain, do so.

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