For these Brew (dash) Dudes, this hop variety seems named just for us. We like to get a packet of hops we know nothing about and brew a one gallon SMaSH beer (that’s a single malt and single hop beer) to get to know them better. Learn what we thought by watch our BRU-1 Hops SMaSH Beer Review!

What Do BRU-1 Hops Taste Like?

Since this variety was another one we got in a can from Homebrew Con, we had it on hand when we tasted the beer. The aroma from the pellets was reminiscent of candied pineapple.

The flavor of the beer got different interpretations. Mike thought it had a mild berry and grape-like flavor, refining it further to green grape. John got some pineapple in the flavor with n interesting Nobel hop character like spicy finish.

This hop would be a good candidate to use with Simcoe hops to get some piney dankness along with BRU-1’s fruitiness.

Let us know what your experience with this hop is. BREW ON!