We’ve been getting all kinds of beers sent to us over the year(s). This time around, we got a special one. It is a crystal clear Czech Pilsner and we were excited to dive in. Watch this video about what we thought about this remarkable homebrewed beer in our Exchange number thirty seven:

Our Tasting Notes

Chris in Indiana sent us this beer. He had some questions about brewing lager and after corresponding about it, he sent us one of his beers.

Appearance: This beer was extremely clear. It was impressive.

Aroma: The floor malted pilsner malt brought a lot of graham cracker aroma in the nose.

Flavor: Mike described it as round and smooth. Not as crisp in the finish, but the malt presence was great throughout. The beer had the same kind of hops flavor I am used to getting in my lagers. I wish the Saaz we got as homebrewers was as good as commercial breweries.

We’re splitting hairs – this beer was great. Hope it does well in competition.