Although I had planned to brew three beers using homegrown hops, my brother gave me his Cascade hop harvest and so 3 beers became 4. This video talks about the process that I followed to brew this beer which was a little bit different from the Chinook beer I brewed. Let’s watch and learn now, ok?

A Tale of Two Pale Ales

I brewed this Cascade hopped beer differently. Outside of a First Wort Hopping, I added most of the hops late in the boil. When we tasted the beers side by side, you could certainly tell that the Chinook beer, with its early hop additions, was noticeably more bitter than the Cascade one.

The Cascade beer had a pleasant taste. The black tea aroma and flavor was there, but not as much as the Brown Ale. Since this beer did have some Chinook in it, the resiny, pine flavor was present but not overpowering.

It made a nice thirst quencher for Thanksgiving. My brother got what he wanted with a homegrown hop ale. We drank many pints around the turkey fryer.

Brew ON!