We have received this question a lot over the years, “How do I enter a homebrewing competition?” I was reluctant to put a post together that gave people instructions, tips, and/or tricks to getting their beers into homebrewing competitions.

First off, I am no “brewer of the year” winning homebrewer. Yes, my beers have won awards and I have a whole bunch of them but I don’t think I am an expert at the competition game. So, we provide this post for two reasons: 1) People asked for it and we like to give people what they want. 2) Maybe our experience with competitions will help you with yours.

And now, to the video:

These Brew Dudes Tips & Tricks

All right – here we go.

  1. Find a competition using the internet
  2. Competitions near you are best for your wallet
  3. They typically have a dropoff location so you don’t have to ship your beer
  4. Read all the competition’s rules
  5. Understand all the rules
  6. Brew a beer that fits a style that is a part of the competition
  7. Know the style
  8. Understand what it should taste like
  9. Brew as best you can to that style if you want to place
  10. Fresh beers of mine typically do better
  11. Freshness is not crucial for sour beers or Imperial stouts
  12. Pay your dues on time
  13. Get your beers in on time
  14. Save a bottle and drink it alongside your judge sheets
  15. Have fun

What are your tips? Let us know.