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American Pale Ale With Homegrown Chinook Hops

This is the final beer that I brewed with the hops I harvested from my backyard. Maybe I was saving the best for last? Who can say? Check out our review of my American Pale Ale with homegrown Chinook hops!

Sometimes Homegrown Hop Beer Are More Than OK

If you remember, that American Brown Ale I brewed with homegrown Nugget hops was just ok. The hop aromas and flavors were pretty earthy. They were more English than American. This Pale Ale I brewed with my homegrown Chinook hops was a different story.

This hop expressed itself as a resin bomb with loads of great pine and citrus flavors. Mike was able to get some good aroma notes which I was happy with since I didn’t use a lot of hops in the late stages of the boil nor did I add any for dry hopping.

The malt bill had American 2-row malt from Rahr and a little Munich 10L for some color and flavor. The hops were the real showcase with 7 ounces of hops cones getting added to the boil. This beer was such a success, it changed our tune about homegrown hops.

Brew ON!


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  1. Dustin

    Hey guys,

    Just checked back with this one after seeing your most recent video (August 26,2019). Was curious if you used the his straight off the bine or if you had dried these first. Everyone says to treat fresh as 1/4 or even 1/5 of pellets and even 4ozs fresh seems like it shouldn’t be that bitter once that ratio is taken into account.

  2. Hi Dustin – I dried them first. I have brewed with right-of-the-bine hops (using 4x the amount) and liked the beers using homegrown dried hops better.

  3. Dustin

    Awesome, I’ll have to try that this year. My Chinook are looking pretty good 😉

    Thanks for the reply!

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