Sometimes Homegrown Hop Beer Are More Than OK

If you remember, that American Brown Ale I brewed with homegrown Nugget hops was just ok. The hop aromas and flavors were pretty earthy. They were more English than American. This Pale Ale I brewed with my homegrown Chinook hops was a different story.

This hop expressed itself as a resin bomb with loads of great pine and citrus flavors. Mike was able to get some good aroma notes which I was happy with since I didn’t use a lot of hops in the late stages of the boil nor did I add any for dry hopping.

The malt bill had American 2-row malt from Rahr and a little Munich 10L for some color and flavor. The hops were the real showcase with 7 ounces of hops cones getting added to the boil. This beer was such a success, it changed our tune about homegrown hops.

Brew ON!