I got a 2 ounce packet of this hop variety from Yakima Valley Hops and wanted to learn something about it. Watch this video as we try to figure out what aroma and flavor notes we get from this Strata hops SMaSH beer!

Our Strata Hops Notes

If there was one takeaway from this Strata SMaSH beer, it was the flavor and aroma note of ruby red grapefruit. There was a little hint of pith but the majority of this hop for us was really the essence of the particular type of grapefruit that is sweeter than the yellow pulp variety.

As a substitution, try Strata hops instead of Cascade or Centennial. This hop will make for a nice change of pace for your typical recipes that call for the big “C” American hops.

It was a nice hop to brew with and it is definitely one that can stand on its own.

Cheers and brew on!