Since we started this blog, Mike and I have been publishing posts around subjects that are familiar to us and our experience levels.  Mike’s certainly pretty advanced and I know just enough to be dangerous, but I think I need to put up some posts that speak to the beginner and would-like-to-be-a-beginner-but-I-don’t-know-where-to-start readers.

The next series of posts will be for the people who have an appreciation for homebrewed beer but haven’t taken the time to learn about how to brew at home.

In my opinion, the first step you need to take before becoming a homebrewer is to buy a beginner’s homebrewing kit.  The photo below depicts what said kit looks like:

Beginner Beer Brewing Kit

 I got this photo from, a homebrew shop based in St. Paul, MN.  You can see that there are a couple of buckets, some tubing, bottle caps, and some things that you may have never seen before…which might be kinda scary…but they aren’t.

Starting tomorrow and over the next few days, I will go into detail what each of these items are and what they are used for.

If you want to get a head start, visit these sites where you can purchase a kit right away.

You can get the kit pictured above by visiting the Northern Brewer.

When I got started, I bought my kit by ordering from selecting this kit from

There’s a new brewing supply store in MA and you can buy a kit by visiting DIY Brewing.

Here are links to other beginner articles: