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NewAir Single Tap Kegerator Review

These Brew Dudes were sent a single tap kegerator from NewAir and asked to review it. Being homebrewers, we’re well versed in beer dispensing systems so we felt we could be a credible source. Once we received it, Mike set it up on his back porch so we could enjoy it in the late Spring weather.

Top Features of The NewAir Kegerator

Spring Loaded Tap Faucet – The faucet has a spring in it. It closes quickly after you open it without intervention. Mike thinks this feature is great for your party guests who may not be experienced in using taps.

Nice Drip Tray – TWSS? Anyway, having a drip tray included with the kegerator is a nice feature. It helps contain those wayward drips. Just be sure to clean it out after use.

Chrome Railing – To keep your glasses from falling off the top of the kegerator, it has a nice looking railing. For those gatherings where tap wielders may get a little clumsy, this railing can prevent some nasty breakages.

Sweet C02 Bracket – In the back, there is a bracket to keep the tank in place. Although you can’t push the kegerator flush to a wall, it makes up for the convenience of connecting the CO2 tank to the keg.

Quick Cooling – Mike set up the kegerator outside in the sun. It only took an hour to get to serving temperatures. We think that’s big plus.

Insulated Tap Tower – To ensure the beer stays cold from the keg to the faucet, the tap tower is fully insulated. You don’t want the beer to get warm in that ‘last mile’ to your glass.

Easy Set Up – Mike remarked how easy it was to get from opening the package to getting beer poured. That’s great for anybody who looking to get it set up quickly.

Optional Shelving – Now if you didn’t have beer in kegs ready for serving, you could make it a beer fridge. The kegerator comes with shelving for storing beer and other items.

Wide Temperature Range – For those of you looking for a fermentation chamber, this NewAir Kegerator has the ability to keep things a little warmer than near freezing temps. For lager brewing, it could come in handy.

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  1. We just moved and my husband has been on the lookout for a new kegerator for our upcoming family reunion. It’s summer already, and nothing sounds better than a bbq and an ice-cold beer straight from the keg.

  2. True that. That’s a nice addition to any home.

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