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Glacier Hops

Here’s another profile of a brewing ingredient: Glacier Hops. Although it’s fun to research and write about hops, the worldwide shortage puts a damper on my excitement. Once you learn more about these hops, you want to go out, buy it, and brew with it. It’s the buying part that may be the hardest piece of that process.

Origin: America – Looks like it was released in 2000 from Washington State University

Aroma: From the sources I read, the aroma is the hops strong point. The descriptors of “Pleasant” and “Good” were used a lot. Some citrus mixed with some Goldings candy-like qualities. Maybe hints of pear or apricot.

Alpha Acid: 5.5%

Typical Usage: Aroma but it has a nice balanced bitterness due to its low cohumulone content. Not too sharp. Not too dull. Just right.

Beer Styles: I am thinking a nice American Pale Ale or ESB. Easy drinking but flavorful.

Note: I used this hop variety in my American Pale Ale recipe.

Here are my tasting notes for the APA I made with Glacier hops.

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  1. Travis

    These posts are great! Keep this stuff coming.

  2. Jason

    Going to be using this as flavor and aroma additions in a Honey Orange American Wheat this weekend. Excited to try it!

  3. Excellent Jason. Yeah, I like this hop variety. It’s different for sure but I think it will work well with your wheat beer.

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